Welcome to the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

What is the PTO?

Every parent, guardian, and teacher at PS9 is automatically a member of the PTO so – if that's you – welcome!

PS9's Parent Teacher Organization has historically been - and continues to be - very active. A public school of our size has many needs, from on-the-ground volunteering to financial support.

Together we can –and often do – realize many of the ideals that we aspire to as residents of this incredible city. Reaching those ideals takes work and engagement, and we need your ideas and contributions. Any talent, hobby, connection, or career that you may wonder if it could be of use  — it probably can! From our diversity and our varied needs and abilities comes our unique strength.

What We Do

We aim to foster and encourage family participation to create a vibrant, engaged community. We make connections to strengthen the relationships between our school’s families, teachers, and staff, and we provide opportunities and support for community members to participate in decisions impacting our students. 

How We Do It


The PTO relies on our families to volunteer time, make donations, and participate in fundraising events. The vast majority of the PTO’s income is from family donations. Our events are staffed by PS9 families, and you will see volunteer sign-ups throughout the year...so thank you in advance!

Current Projects We're Excited About

School Day Enrichment Residencies

Once again, the PTO is bringing wonderful enrichment programming to every grade during the school day. We have made some adjustments in response to feedback from last year’s programming and are so excited for another year of art, music, theater, science, technology, and gardening for our students!

Additional Recess Coaches

This year, the PTO is paying for three recess coaches from Mindful Sports. This additional support helps reduce behavioral issues and visits to the nurse's office during recess, and also helps our students improve focus, manage stress, increase their resilience, and have fun.