DOE and PS9 Online Accounts

OSIS Number
A nine-digit number that is issued to all students who attend New York City public schools. It is sent to families in a letter when they first enroll in a school. You can also find your child’s OSIS number on their report card, in your NYC Schools Account — displayed as “ID” under the child’s name once you add them — or by contacting Ms. Jacob ( Keep this number handy, you will need it on occasion throughout your child’s time in New York City public schools.


NYC Schools Account (NYCSA)
A parent or guardian’s gateway to supporting and tracking their child’s progress through school. Create an account, add your student, and start monitoring things like grades, test scores, and attendance. You can also find and reset your DOE Student Account email and password. Email our parent coordinator, Ms. Jacob (, if it asks you for an account creation code.


DOE Student Accounts
Every New York City public school student has a DOE account, it is created automatically when they enroll in school. The best way to start using the student account is to sign into TeachHub. From here, students can access all DOE applications.

You can find your student’s email address in your parent NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) once you add your child. You also have the option in NYCSA to reset the password for their account. Sometimes teachers reset the passwords for their whole class, so if you’re having trouble logging in, ask your teacher if they know the password. 

How to find your child’s email address and/or reset their password in NYCSA

  1. Log in to your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) as a parent.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Click on Student Password.
  4. In the dropdown, select the child whose password you want to update.
  5. Under the dropdown, the email address will appear for that child. Save it!
  6. If you need to reset your password, enter a new password. Retype the new password.
  7. Click on Save

NYC families use MySchools to apply to public schools from 3-K to high school. Create an account to explore your child’s school options and get guidance on the admissions process.


Our school-wide communication platform. Through Konstella you will receive important outreach and communication from the school, updates from the Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO), direct communication with your teacher and classroom, and our calendar of events. It is an essential platform to keep up-to-date on everything happening at PS9. You can access it through a site on your computer's browser or an app on your phone. If you haven't received an invite to Konstella, email


PS9’s form management tool. You will receive updates from Operoo at the start of the school year asking you to update all school forms. If you need access to your Operoo account, contact Ms. Jacob (


Google Classroom
Some teachers use Google Classroom during the year to connect with students and families. 

To sign in:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in. If you’re already signed in to another Google account, click the profile circle at top right and choose “Add another account.”
  3. Log in with your student’s email address and password. (See DOE Student Accounts above if you don’t have this information.)
  4. If you get error messages, you may need to log out of all other Google accounts or try logging in from a private/incognito browser window.
  5. Join your classroom. If there is not a classroom to join, ask your teacher for the class code.

Provides reading support to all levels of readers, grades K-5. Our subscription is funded by the PTO, through donations and fundraising efforts.

  • On a laptop or desktop computer, go to
    • Lexia is available on some iPads—see the “Core5” system requirements—but not on any other phones or tablets. And even on an iPad, you’ll use the browser, there’s not a standalone app.
  • Click the Log in a student button at top right.
  • Type 13K009 in the school search, and select 13K009: Public School 9 The Sarah Smith Garnet School.
  • Choose the Log in with NYCENET option.
  • Log in with your student’s NYC Schools login. (See above for details on this account if you don't know your student's login.)
    • Sometimes other Google accounts you’re logged into can interfere. If you can’t get your student login to work, try again using a private or “incognito” browser window. How to do that.
  • Click on Lexia Core5 to launch the program.