School Leadership Team

What is the School Leadership Team?

The School Leadership Team (SLT) is a group of people who develop educational policies for our school and make sure there are resources to support those policies. They provide ongoing evaluations of our school’s educational programs and their impact on student achievement. Each year, they use that knowledge to create our Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and identify its goals. Our CEP is available to view as a pdf on the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE)’s iPlan Portal if you enter our school’s District Building Number (DBN) – 13K009.

The SLT plays an important role in school-based decision-making, helping to make our school culture more collaborative. The SLT is not responsible for the hiring or firing of school staff. However, according to Chancellor’s Regulation C-30, the SLT must be consulted prior to the appointment of a principal or assistant principal. Visit the SLT support site to get the toolkit, bylaws, training modules, and other resources.

Family Representatives are elected by the parent body to a 2 year term and Faculty Representatives are elected by the faculty. If you have questions for the SLT or would like to present to the, please contact your 2022-23 SLT Family Representatives:


Our School Leadership Team is comprised of the Principal, the PTO President, the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) chapter leader, and an equal number of representatives from the school and family communities. Elections to the SLT are held in the late spring. Members serve a term of two years.


Principal Sha-Wonda Williams-Credle

UFT Chapter Leader Ms. Hewett

Teacher Members

Ms. Alexander

Ms. Crespo

Ms. S. Taylor


PTO President Leah Vickers (Parent to students in grade 3 and Kindergarten)

Family Representatives 

Nia Hooper-Mason) (Parent to 3 students in grade 4)

Chris Phillips (Parent to a student in grade 3)

Anthony Robb (Parent to a student in grade 1)

Keisha Thomas-Joseph (Parent to a student in grade 3)

SLT Committees

Joint PTO / SLT committees are established by and report to the School Leadership Team (SLT). They are usually directly related to fulfilling our school's mission.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

One of the most active committees, our Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) committee pushes for fairness and inclusion in our school and community. We have helped diversity the book selections in our classroom libraries and organized events that celebrate the different cultures within our community. Learn more about the exciting work we are doing, and join us.

Chairs: Jocelyn Burgos & Nia Hooper-Mason

Contact: EDI


Health and Wellness

Our Health and Wellness committee works to create a healthier environment for our children, both in school and at home. We’ve hosted workshops on facilitating better communication within our families, organized flu shot clinics, and researched COVID-related topics. We're looking for someone to take the lead on this committee for this school year.

Chair: [Position Open]

Contact: Wellness