School Day Enrichment Residencies

School Day Enrichment Residencies are funded by our Parent Teacher Organization, thanks to donations to the Annual Fund by members of the PS9 community.

School Day Enrichment Residencies are partnerships with local community organizations, programmed by our Community Assistant. A visiting instructor from each group works with students for a series of weeks on an in depth, hands on exploration of a specific area of study - art, movement, music, performance, science or technology. Each grade participates in one or two of these residencies each year.

Brooklyn Seeds

Brooklyn Seeds offers wonderfully educational outdoor gardening projects that students can do all year round - spring, summer, fall and winter.  Within just a few days, students learn how to start, nurture, and successfully care for their own plant. Soil, compost and plants are kept at the school to explore. We adopt neighborhood trees and study local birds, so there is a strong community aspect to our projects.

Projects in our school's garden allow each child to plant outside and even take home his or her own sprouts, plants, cuttings, bird feeders, and, for the adventurous, red wiggler worms. Best of all, second grade students participate in this program in the spring, then rejoin it in the fall to see how our garden grows and changes throughout the seasons.


The mission of Espáñate's Yoga in Spanish program is to promote health, happiness, movement and mindfulness to children as they learn a new language. Our innovative technique of teaching Spanish through Yoga will lead children into relaxation, increasing their focus while they are learning. They will be apt to retain through association when combining movement with language.

Marquis Studios

Long time partner Marquis Studios provides music and performance enrichments to several grades throughout the year.


Music and Rhythm

Making music allows our kindergarten students to learn about tempo, melody, and pitch. This residency includes a mixture of chorus and percussion and can be adapted to the students’ level of musical knowledge.



First grade students explore the creative process of music-making through collaboration. Our music programs introduce students to the complexity of rhythm, tempo, and reading musical notations through instruction in percussion, singing, and listening. Percussion of the World is a multi-cultural exploration that focuses on drumming styles and percussion instruments from around the world.


Poetry Slam

Fifth grade students begin with the study of poetry and reading examples that inspire them to write their own. But it doesn’t stop there—students learn how to perform their own words with passion and power. Focusing on writing and public speaking, students will gain comfort in presenting, working with found poetry, working on their own pieces, and collaborating. Also, working with rhythm, rhyme and theatrical movement.

Treasure Trunk Theatre

Singing, dancing, acting, collaborating...what more could your growing musical theater performer want? In this exciting class with Treasure Trunk Theatre, second grade students will have a chance to work with their peers to create a themed mini musical. Students will develop a script, work on ensemble skills, and learn choreography in an exciting, imaginative environment. The session ends in a small showcase performance for their families.