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This calendar includes events in our community that are open to the public – i.e. Open Houses, Fundraisers, and Community Events.

For a Calendar of Events for current students and their families, please log in to Konstella, our school’s secure communication portal.

Please note: This calendar is updated weekly, and includes projected activities for the current school year. All events and timing are subject to change.

  • Kindergarten Registration at Sarah Smith Garnet PS9

    If your child received an offer to PS9 for Kindergarten 2023-24, here is how to get started with our registration process:

    Accept your offer:

    • Go to https://www.myschools.nyc/en/  and accept or decline the offer to PS9 by Friday, May 5th. If you do not accept the offer by the deadline, the kindergarten seat will be changed to a waitlist offer.

    • We are hosting a Kindergarten Open House on Friday, April 28th, 9:00-10:15am. You may register to attend at:  https://forms.gle/d8Y9goDdHJQUu3cMA 

    • Please Note: If you have applied to more than one kindergarten program at PS9 and your child was waitlisted for one of them, accepting or declining your current offer will NOT remove your child from the waitlist, or affect the waitlist number.

    • Once you have accepted your offer, you will be ready for registration.

    Register your child at PS9:

    • Registration will take place in-person at PS9 April 17th to June 9th.

    • Registration will occur Monday to Friday, 9am-11:30am. You do not need to make an appointment. 

    • You must bring the following to register:

    • Final registration will require a completed New Admission Physical Exam Form that is required before the start of school.

    • Additionally, if your child received an offer to our Dual Language Program and you have stated that your child’s native language is Spanish, your child must attend registration with you to be assessed in Spanish.
    • You may read more about the Kindergarten admissions process at: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/kindergarten


    Waitlist Information: Waitlist activity will begin after May 5th, when the offer period is closed. Please reach out to us after May 5th with waitlist questions, and continue to check your MySchools account for up-to-date offer information.


    Carol Sheldrake csheldrakeherna [at] schools.nyc.gov 718.638.3260 X1302

    Charmaine Derrell-Jacob cderrell [at] schools.nyc.gov  X1121

    Ellen Bolotin ebolotin [at] schools.nyc.gov X1241

    PS9 Sarah Smith Garnet
  • Welcome to our new website!

    We're thrilled to present the launch of the all-new PS9 website! Tremendous thanks goes out to Julia Daunis, who worked throughout the summer to ensure this brand new web experience for our families. Thanks also to Charmaine Derrell-Jacob for her support and dedication, and the past & present members of the PTO Web Team who contributed greatly throughout the years.

    And thanks to all of you! Without you, the members of the PS9 PTO (who voted for this expenditure in June), this project would not have been funded. This is truly your donation dollars at work. This new site is more flexible than the old version, allowing changes to be made more regularly and more easily, while also remaining compliant with web accessibility standards.

    There will be additional content added soon, so please check back for updates. 

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