Teacher Wishlists

PS9 Teacher and Staff Wishlists

What would PS9 teachers ask for if they could have anything for their classes? A robot mouse for STEAM? Clay for third grade projects? Letter games for reading support? Now you can help make their wishes come true.

These wishlists support project-based learning, cultural celebrations, and enhance PS9 classrooms and educational experiences. To encourage equity across all our classrooms, the lists are grade-wide for classroom teachers and school-wide for cluster classes and service providers. 

Is this kind of like Donors Choose? Yes, but unlike Donors Choose there are no extra fees or suggested fees. And teachers can add and delete items on an ongoing basis to allow for faster fulfillment. Most importantly, these lists are being published on a grade-wide basis to encourage more equitable giving across all our classrooms. 

Wait, some of these lists are full and others are empty? These wishlists are live. Some teachers have needs now, others may have needs in a month from now. As these lists update, feel free to check back at any time.

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