Why do we fundraise?

Historically, PS9’s economically diverse community has had higher needs than what local, state, and federal funding has provides. Currently, about 40% of our school community qualifies for free or reduced meals. Fundraising by the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) in earnest began in 2012, when the changing economics of PS9’s student body led to our school’s loss of Title I funding, a federal education program targeted for low-income, at-risk students.

How are the funds spent?

Each dollar raised goes directly to the PTO’s budgeted expenses for the current school year. So your contribution is used immediately inside the current school year. A big goal for the PTO is to “forward fundraise” to provide more cushion and certainty for the school.

Who decides how the money is spent?

Each spring, school administration works with PTO leadership to develop funding needs. Those needs are integrated into the PTO budget approved in the May or June general meeting.

What are the main sources of fundraising?

Each fall, the school (not the PTO) organizes the “Fall for the Arts” auction, which raises on average $60,000 for the school. The PTO organizes our famous Bounce Back to School Carnival, bake sales, movie nights, soccer games, pie sales, tree sales, and all sorts of ways to contribute! The biggest source of fundraising, however, is the Direct Appeal, which accounts for the majority of PTO revenue.

Why is the Direct Appeal important?

Again, the Direct Appeal represents the majority of the PTO’s revenue, which directly supports the school’s needs. The Direct Appeal is PS9’s only source of purely unrestricted funding that administration can flexibly use throughout the year. It is also the only fundraising that the entire PS9 community can participate in!

How much should our family give?

This is a personal question that each family will answer differently. In the past, suggested amounts have ranged from $10 to $5,000 per child in the school. What is important is that each member of PS 9’s community gives in some amount, no matter how great or small.

Your investment in our children’s education makes all the difference!