This year, our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) aims to raise $150,000 through our Direct Appeal, our annual fundraising drive that kicks off today, and we need your help. Through this and other fundraising, our PTO directly funds schoolwide enrichment programs like Marquis Studios (musical theater/creative movement), Studio in a School (visual arts) and Playworks (movement/cooperative play), as well as essential classroom supplies and field trips for our more than 900 students.

One of our PTO’s highest priorities is increasing our support of OmniLearn, the innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)-based program currently improving the science proficiency of the children in our school community, and introducing them to the possibility of becoming engineers, chemists and computer scientists.

“There’s no question that OmniLearn prepares our students for middle school science,” said Principal D’Avilar.  “And our teachers love the hands-on science instruction training that each visit from an OmniLearn consultant provides!”

By augmenting our funding for OmniLearn, we can bring its impact to even more classrooms and allocate space in our science lab to the OmniLearn team. Imagine the benefit to all our kids by turning PS9 into a true “STEAM building”!

Please remember, however, that we can only accomplish this and our many other goals with your generous support and valued participation.  Preserving the PS9 we have, and shaping the PS9 to which we aspire, rests in the hands of all of us—the members of this wonderfully diverse school community.  So today, we ask that you join us by making a meaningful contribution to help support our school, at whatever level is right for you and your family.

Whether $10, $100, $1,000, or $10,000, your investment in our children makes a tremendous difference!

Please help us meet our goal of $150,000. No gift is too small—every contribution helps! Thank you so much!

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