Make sure you use PS9’s website ( as the starting-point every time you shop on Amazon. Amazon tracks purchases made using PS9’s Amazon Button (on the home page) and each time you make a purchase using the steps below, PS9 PTO will get a contribution up to 3-8% of your Amazon purchase!

Here’s how it works:

1) Each time you shop on Amazon, use PS9’s site address (rather than Amazon’s homepage).

2) Click the “Shop @ Amazon” button (now known as The Amazon Button): The Amazon Button takes you to the Amazon site but with a special link that allows a portion of all your purchases to be donated to PS9’s PTO!

2a) For mobile usersPurchases should be made through mobile Internet browsers (like Safari or Chrome) and NOT through the Amazon Mobile Shopping App. To prevent the Amazon Button on PS9’s website from automatically opening up your Amazon iPhone app: Just hold down the Amazon Button for a few seconds and a menu will appear with one of the selections being: “Open in New Tab”. Choose this and the link opens in a new browser window on your cell phone and circumvents opening up the Amazon app.

3)  Shop in your browser (whether on your computer or mobile device) and PS9 will get 3-8% of all your purchases in that shopping session: as long as your session originates from PS9’s Amazon Button.

We can generate significant funds using this method… especially during holiday shopping season and for day-to-day purchases. Please also forward these steps to your friends and family as well.

Warm regards,

The PS9 Fundraising Team



  • What Amazon program is The Amazon Button on PS9’s site associated with?  The program is called the Amazon Affiliates program (which is different from Amazon Smile).  We registered for this a number of years ago.
  • PS 9 also has a Amazon Smile site… can I use that instead?  PS9 is registered with the Smile program, but we encourage everyone to use The Amazon Button on PS9’s website.  We get a MUCH larger percentage of sales: 4% using the Button vs 0.5% on Smile.
  • Why didn’t the PTO just email the weblink associated The Amazon Button instead of asking everyone to go via the PS9 site?  The rules for Amazon’s Affiliate program state that people should not email the hyperlink directly out to people. So, please spread the word about the Amazon Button to your friends and family!
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