PACC Winter 2020 Workshops

Specialized Workshop Descriptions

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Program Comparisons

There are four afterschool options at PS9, all are run by outside organizations. Please contact each organization individually to learn more or to sign up.


Backpacks & Binoculars

Kids Orbit

New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL)



On-Site, Room 233On-Site, Room 105AOn-Site, Room 219AOn-Site, Room B9A

Grades Admitted

Pre-K through 5Pre-K through 5Kindergarten through 5Kindergarten through 5

Program Hours

Dismissal to 6:00 pmDismissal to 6:00 pmDismissal to 5:30 pmDismissal to 5:45 pm

Activities Included in Program

Fine arts, cooking, literature-based adventures and engineering activities with a global focus Arts & Crafts, Dance, Drama, Tae Kwon Do, SportsTennis instruction and match play. Additional athletic and cultural activities
include Basketball, Cooking, Dance, Soccer
Visual arts and science based enrichment activities including fitness and movement, crafting and opportunities for free play

Additional Activities

Games from around the world, outdoor activities, theater and service based projects (all included)None, all activities includedNone, all activities includedPACC partners with outside organizations for specialized workshops during the fall, winter and spring for 8 to 10 weeks duration, for an additional fee. Sign up here

Snack provided


Homework supervision


Coverage for Half-Days

Yes, with no additional charge Yes, for an additional fee. Programs available when space permits.Yes, with separate arrangements and for an additional fee

Coverage for Faculty In-Service and Vacation Days (May be held off-site)

Yes, with separate arrangements and for an additional feeYes, for most vacation periods and staff development days, for an additional fee. Programs available when space permits. No


- No annual registration fee
- Yearly Tuition (September to June):
One Day a week - $915
Full Time (Monday to Friday) - $4,150
Range is approximately $20-23 per day
- Fees can be prorated if a student joins after the beginning of the school year
- Scholarships are available
- $75 annual registration fee
- Daily cost varies depending on number of weeks & days per week required. Range is
approximately $24-44 per
- ACS & HRA vouchers
accepted for Kindergarten and Grades 1 through 5
Free; lottery held in early September- $40 annual registration fee
- $15/day per day for families with a committed schedule for PACC General Programming (PGP).
- Additional cost for optional enrichment workshops
- $25/day emergency drop-in option available for students who do not attend regularly

Sibling Discount

AvailableAvailableN/AAvailable for students attending full-time

How to Apply

Online RegistrationOnline EnrollmentSpots are limited and
obtained through a lottery. Applications are available at a sign-up table at the start of the school year or through this website.
Online Enrollment
PACC fills up quickly so sign up
early to secure a spot
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