Welcome to Kindergarten at PS9!

Welcome to Kindergarten at PS9, the Sarah Smith Garnet School!

We’re sorry that we can’t greet you in person, so we’re giving a great big remote “Welcome” to you and your entire family. Once you accept your offer to PS9, we will be in touch at a later date to help you through the next steps. We plan to see you at some point in the future, so until then, please check out our welcome video: <Kindergarten Welcome Video>


Families with children born in 2015 can now view and accept your child’s offer online with MySchools.

  • On MySchools you can view your child’s kindergarten offer letter.
  • A printed copy of this offer letter has also been mailed to your child’s home address.
  • Get information about any programs where your child is waitlisted —learn more about waitlists.
  • Add your child to additional waitlists: for assistance with PS9’s waitlist, contact Carol Sheldrake-Hernandez at CSheldrakeHerna@schools.nyc.gov.
  • What to do next and how to accept your offer.
  • Get more information at: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/kindergarten.


Ms. Carol: Csheldrakeherna@schools.nyc.gov

Community Associate

Ms. Jacob: Cderrell@schools.nyc.gov

Parent Coordinator