PS9 Remote Learning Launch: Guideline for Families

PS9 Remote Learning Launch: Guideline for Families

PS9 families, get ready for a unique adventure in learning!

Launch Date: Monday, March 23rd!

Fatimah Ali, Principal

Stephen Greco, Assistant Principal, I.A.

PS 9 Remote Learning Launch Family Guidelines:


 Families and Students

As you know, providing students with a quality learning experience has been our singular focus as we launch a new school-wide platform and transition to remote learning. We are using this moment in time to capture an opportunity to leverage our collective capacities and deepen our 21st Century learning instructional practices. As we refine our approach to curriculum, we have also decided to expand access for all students to include them selecting cluster ‘enrichment’ classrooms that are simply recreational and interest-based in addition to their assigned clusters. We know that this transition will strengthen our collaboration with one another and all of you. We will be using Google Classroom as our school-wide platform.


We are confident in the steps being taken and look forward to reconnecting with students remotely beginning Monday, March 23rd. We are including the student’s online schedules in detail (see below) to provide structure for the day.  It is up to all of us to ensure students understand that school is in session–remotely. Remote learning provides an opportunity for students and teachers to remain connected and engaged to course content while working from locations outside the physical school environment. Our goal while transitioning to remote learning is to keep students on track, and provide further opportunities, develop interest and deepen skill sets using technology across all content areas.  Students will return to PS 9 having lived a unique educational experience.


Teachers will contact their classes to ensure you have your child’s login information for Google Classrooms. Students and families are encouraged to use the remainder of this week to familiarize themselves with Google Classroom.


In order to best support the continuity of learning for all our PS 9 students, we have developed a PS 9 Google Classroom platform that will provide students with instruction daily in core subject areas. The grading policy will remain the same in relation to alignment with report cards (level 1-4). The teachers will be able to grade students: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish (Dual Language classes), and clusters.


PS9 Google Classroom Student Accounts

To keep students connected and meeting academic requirements when learning remotely, PS9 has created student accounts for all students in Pre-K – 5th grade. The account gives your child access to Google Classroom and other resources teachers may use. Mainly they will be able to use tools such as:


Google Classroom

How do students access Google Classroom?

To access Google Classroom:

  • You will need a device that has access to WIFI such as: Smart Phone, Computer, Tablet, XBox and/or Nintendo Switch.
  • If you need WIFI, free WIFI is being offered by the DOE

As of Monday, March 16, Spectrum is offering households with K-12 and college students free WiFi access and broadband (high-speed internet) for 60 days. But this only applies to households who do not already have a Spectrum WiFi and broadband subscription. To enroll, or to ask for more information, call 844-488-8395 or go to Installation fees will be waived for new student households. For most new customers, self-installation is an option and free professional installation is also available. For customers where self-installation is available, equipment and instructions can be shipped directly to the customer at no charge. For customers who have never had Spectrum services at their address, professional installation is required.For those struggling to pay their  Wi-Fi bills as a result of COVID-19, a Spectrum agent told QNS that the billing department is willing to make accommodations. Spectrum will also open its Wi-Fi hotspots across their footprint for public use. They said they don’t have data caps or hidden fees.

  • Go to
  • Click “Go to Classroom”
  • Login: Use your PS9 provided Student Username – including and password
  • Click accept to all the classrooms you have been invited to


Where do students find their Google account username and password?

Teachers may have already contacted you with your child’s Google Username and Password.


To retrieve your Username and password:

  • Find your 9-digit Student ID number, you will need the last 4 digits. (You can find your Student ID number on a report card, or in your New York City Schools Account: NYCSA)
  • Your USERNAME is: student first name + first initial of student last name + last 4 digits of student ID # + @ps9brooklyn.orgFor example: if your student ID is 123456789
    1. Your child’s name is Jane Smith, your username is
    2. Your child’s name is Jane Smith Doe, your username is


  • Your grade specific PASSWORD is:
  • Pre-K: firetruck
  • Kindergarten : yellowduck
  • 1st grade: bluesquare
  • 2nd grade: purpleheart
  • 3rd-5th: student ID # (OSIS)

To Access Equipment Distribution

We are asking you to complete the survey below by Friday, MARCH 20!


The NYC Department of Education is working to try to ensure that families who need devices for Remote Learning at home are able to get one. To inform distribution of these devices, we are asking families to complete a survey ( sharing their best contact information over the next few weeks as well as whether you have access to a smartphone, a laptop/tablet/computer, the internet, or none of the above. The NYCDOE will use the information to prioritize device distribution and inform families of pickup locations.


Parent/Guardian Roles and Responsibilities

Please provide ongoing support for your child by:

  • Check daily for schoolwide announcements.
  • Establishing routines and habits that support their success
  • Ensure that students are adhering to appropriate behavior on the web
  • Monitor communications from your child’s teachers
  • Defining a comfortable space for your child to work
  • Beginning and ending each day with a check-in
  • Taking an active role with your child’s daily learning process
  • Communicate directly with your child’s teacher on the google classroom platform or by email
  • Establishing times for quiet and reflection
  • You may reach out to our Parent Coordinator Monday-Friday from 8am-3:30pm by email


Student Roles & Responsibilities

  • Have fun exploring a new way to learn and connect!
  • Find a comfortable place in your home to do your work
  • Try your best to complete the assignments and learning activities designed by your teacher
  • Ask your teachers questions if you don’t understand the work and or the feedback
  • Comply with school internet safety policy. Remember your time online is for learning.
  • Review teacher feedback and click on ‘stream’ daily to see teacher announcements
  • Work with your parents (as needed) for support with your class work.


Student Schedule

Key Components

Resource Used

Students log in time, check in with posted assignments and/or teacher feedback from the day prior.
  1. Go to
  2. Log in using your PS9 google account
  3. Click on your class number
  4. View Stream for announcements
ELA/Reading Lesson
  1. Check Stream tab for teacher announcements
  2. Check Classwork tab for materials that you need for your lesson
  3. The information for your lesson can be found in the Classwork tab
ELA/Writing Lesson
  1. Check Stream tab for teacher announcements
  2. Check Classwork tab for materials that you need for your lesson
  3. The information for your lesson can be found in the Classwork tab
Math Lesson
  1. Check Stream tab for teacher announcements
  2. Check Classwork tab for materials that you need for your lesson
  3. The information for your lesson can be found in the Classwork tab
Science and Social Studies


Social Emotional Learning Fridays

  1. Check Stream tab for teacher announcements
  2. Check Classwork tab for materials that you need for your lesson
  3. The information for your lesson can be found in the Classwork tab
Cluster Enrichment

Students will complete an enrichment activity from a specialty class

Students MUST access their regularly scheduled cluster classes. These will be graded.

-Go to “hamburger” (upper left corner of the window: “3 lines”) and click on Classes
-Choose from the cluster classes, a different one everyday.

-View Stream tab for announcements

-View Classwork tab for assignments


*Enrichment- you can also access a cluster you do not regularly have at another time during the day to complete the posted activities. (However these are recreational)

Students Work Independently on posted assignments in google classroom.


See Classwork Tab for your daily assignments



Students can view feedback within assignments in the form of comments or in the Stream as whole class feedback.


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