Enter PS 9’s “Change Challenge”!

The Direct Appeal is the only fundraising that the entire PS 9 community can participate in!

So far, we have received donations from more than two-thirds of our families. Help us reach 100%!

You can do this by having your child participate in our “PS 9 Change Challenge”. Look for the backpacked worksheet or find it online here.

Use the worksheet to tape one penny, a few pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters, and submit it to your child’s teacher, or drop it off at the PTO mailbox in the front office.

You can donate in other ways, too:

Checks made out to “PS 9 PTO” and cash may both be dropped into the PTO Box in the Main Office or given to any class parent or PTO Officer. Please include your name and email or postal mail contact information, and your child’s name / class section.

Checks may also be mailed to PS 9, at 80 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238.

To donate online, click ont the DONATE button on the home page. As a part of your contribution, we ask that you consider paying for the 3% credit card processing fee so that your full donation will benefit our school.

Thank you!

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