Gifted & Talented Program Tour: Friday, October 26

Scholars looking at books in our state-of the art, professionally staffed library.

If your child will test for the NYC Gifted & Talented program for 2019, come check out our popular program at PS 9. We have dedicated Friday, October 26, 9:00 a.m. as our fall G&T program tour. Request for Testing applications are due, Friday November 9, so this will be the only opportunity to see our program before the application deadline. Please sign up here.


We have G&T classes K-5, with awesome teachers and a focus on creative, independent thinking; academic enrichment and real books, not workbooks. As with our other teachers, the G&T teachers at PS 9 are involved in continual professional development—they are lifelong learners. And as with our other students, our goal is to nurture the physical and emotional well-being of our G&T students, in addition to encouraging intellectual growth and academic excellence.


PS 9’s 2011-2012 kindergarten G&T class performs a Latin dance at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our new playground.

At PS 9 it is our primary goal to utilize the five Tenets of the Whole Child philosophy to ensure that each child is Safe, Healthy, Engaged, Supported and Challenged on a daily basis.  We intend to meet the needs of each child and each staff member by embedding these guiding principles within our school culture.


We are committed to utilizing various partnerships which will enrich our research based instructional model.  We are pleased to announce our Principal’s  membership in the Cahn Fellows Program for Distinguished Principals.  This Columbia University partnership will provide us with connections to Principals from Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Tampa and Texas. During our Principal’s yearlong study with the program, our school will be involved in action research and extensive professional development.  We will continue to utilize our classrooms as lab-sites in order to acquire a deeper understanding of how our children learn.


Depth of Knowledge, Universal Design For Learning and the Habits of Mind frameworks will be used to provide our students with deeper levels of understanding, and higher order thinking skills.  Students will be provided with a rich Social Studies curriculum, which will include robust lessons integrating themes of tolerance/inclusiveness, civil rights, and equity.  More in-depth exposure to S.T.E.A.M. will occur as we align all of our work with the new NYS science standards, and enhance our curriculum with the support of Omni Learn, our S.T.E.A.M. consultants.  Social and emotional support will be provided to each student using our “mindfulness” approach. Students will engage in reflective practices, as well as yoga and meditation, in an effort to self-correct their behavior.  The language of the Bucket book will be used to connect our entire school community as we foster good citizenship among all.


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