Diwali Celebration for PS 9 Students on Friday, Nov. 2

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights and the most important holiday in the Hindu religion. Diwali is an Autumn holiday and follows a lunar calendar, and this year it falls on Nov. 7th.
In honor of Diwali, PS 9 will welcome local artists Trina Basu, Neel Murgai and Sameer Gupta from Brooklyn Raga Massive (https://www.brooklynragamassive.org), who will be putting on a very special musical performance in the auditorium! (Please note: this performance is for students only.)
The professional musicians will introduce the harmonious sounds of the violin, tabla and sitar to our kids, and explain the basics of raga and tals, which are the building blocks of Indian classical music. Students will get to learn about the meaning of and story behind Diwali, which is filled with tales of gods and goddesses, darkness and light – woven in with the beautiful sounds of Indian ragas performed by these talented musicians. It is sure to be an educational experience for our kids!
About Brooklyn Raga Massive: Brooklyn Raga Massive (BRM) is a collective of forward thinking musicians rooted in Indian classical music. BRM features both traditional Indian classical performances as well as cross-cultural Raga inspired music. In particular, the culturally inclusive nature of BRM has not only built a strong community, but has become an incubator of new music collaborations with sounds indigenous to Brooklyn. As educators, they are dedicated to sharing their passion for Indian Classical Music with the community at large and nurturing its potential for creative explorations. The New York Times says BRM is “Preserving the past while blurring genres in an inventive spirit.”
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