Brooklyn PTA 5K Run for Schools this Sat., May 12 at 10 AM

The PTA 5K Fun Run brings together hundreds of parents, teachers, and students from Brooklyn schools and beyond to run/walk/stroll/toddle 5-kilometers through Prospect Park. This is an untimed race, so everyone can walk or run at their pace.

Race Day: SATURDAY, MAY 12, 2018
Start Time: 10:00 AM

Location: PROSPECT PARK, BARTEL PRITCHARD SQUARE (near Prospect Park West and 14th Street)

The PTA 5K Fun Run has become a rite of spring for so many local schools – not only for the funds it raises for our PTAs, but for the community it builds. Plus, if at least 20 of us register we make money for the school as well as other schools that need it!  (See below for how the funds get allocated.)

In the meantime, please consider running, walking, scootering, or whatever.  Wear your PS 9 jerseys and hope to see you there!

To Register:


** For schools that recruit 20 or more participants, funds will be allocated in the following way: 50% of total profits from the race will be divided amongst each participating school, 25% will be divided in proportion to the number of participants in the run from each school, and the remaining 25% will divided among the top 1/3 Title 1 schools. 

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