Join the PS 9 Hero Squad, and Collect Pennies for Patients!

Heroes need educators, parents, and students in their squad to overcome cancer and live healthier lives. Through the Student Series campaign, children, teachers, parents and school administrators are able to directly support the mission of LLS by participating in one of their philanthropy programs.
During the Month of March your child will participate in this exciting event at PS 9! A parent letter and the coin collection box was backpacked with students.
There are several ways in which parents and students can Participate:
Student Individual Online Fundraising Page: Students can create their own online page and share the link with family and friends, and even with parents’ co-workers. Students will receive a thank you gift for collecting $50 or more in online donations.
— Classroom-Boxed Fundraising: students will add their collection to the classroom’s collection box. The class with the largest donation will have a special dance party with Principal D’Avilar.
Classroom-Online Fundraising: The school that raises the most funds online for Pennies for Patients will receive 40 tickets to a New York Mets day game this spring!!!! PS9 will keep track of online donations by class and if our school wins, the class with the largest online donation wins! We have created classroom pages so that online donations can be tracked by classrooms.
  • The Competition will include any ONLINE donations starting January 1st until March 30th.
  • To find PS9’s online page: Go to:
  • To find your Class page: Type your teacher’s Last Name only in the “class” search field on the left side of the page.

Working together on our Pennies for Patients campaign, we can turn our spare change into real help for real people!

If you have questions about Pennies for Patients, contact Charmaine Derrell-Jacob at or 718.638.3260 X1320, or visit
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