We Need You! Become a Class Parent

At this time many of our classes have a Class Parent or a team of Class Parents — but some classrooms are still in need of a parent volunteer. Please take a look at the list below of classes that still need volunteers and contact Charmaine Derrell-Jacob at CDerrell@schools.nyc.gov if you’d like information about the program or would like to sign up!

Class Parents Needed:

  • PreK3 Ms. Stigner
  • PreK5 Ms. Hernandez
  • PreK7 Ms. Viard
  • KB19 Ms. Jackson
  • KB21 Ms. McCrea/Ms. Clarke
  • 302 Ms. Suarez-Ortega
  • 305 Ms. Hewitt/Ms. Banyard/Shepherd
  • 403 Ms. Ruiz
  • 404 Ms. Logan/Ms. Paul
  • 502 Ms. Ramirez
  • 504 Ms. Twine/Ms. Salem
  • 505 Ms. Talbot
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