Bravo! What an Outstanding Perfomance, PS 9!

Congratulations to the more than 200 students who starred in Friday night’s “Simba’s Kingdom” dance performance. Bravo! The performance was spectacular!

A very special thanks to Ms. Iris Wilson, who choreographed and directed “Simba’s Kingdom.” She continually wows us with her creativity, dedication and talent.

We are grateful for the support of the teachers, staff and production team members who assisted with set design, art, lighting, program design, videography and more.

We would also like to thank:

Charmaine Derrell-Jacob, Parent Coordinator
Carol Sheldrake Hernandez and Kim Felix, Main Office Staff
PS 9 parents for their contributions
Assantwa Green, Dance Educator at John Dewey High School and her dance students

And, of course, Principal D’Avilar and Ms. Velazquez for their leadership and making this all possible!

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