Jazz Night on 3/4! Meet the Musicians: Stephan Crump

Another week, another amazing musical talent to whom we have the pleasure of introducing you in the run-up to PS 9’s first-ever benefit concert, “BK Collective: A Night of Jazz & Global Beats,” to be held March 4th at Littlefield!

(To purchase tickets, visit http://www.ps9brooklyn.org/news/2016/12/benefit-concert/.)

Meet bassist Stephan Crump, parent, along with his wife Jen Chapin (also a musician as well as an educator), of recent PS 9 grad Maceo and second-grader Van (Ms. Basovitch)!

Q. What are you Top 5 desert island discs/downloads?

A. “Harlem Blues”—Phineas Newborn, Jr.; “Astral Weeks”—Van Morrison; “In the Jungle Groove”—James Brown; “Houses of the Holy”—Led Zeppelin; and “Bach: Well-Tempered Clavier”—Glenn Gould. 

Q. Who’s the coolest person you’ve met, and why?

A. Perhaps my all-time hero on the bass, the late Ray Brown, whom I met and played for back in college.  After the show, I met him backstage and asked for a photo together.  My upright bass was between us, and he was holding it (he was actually borrowing it for a later set), and just before the camera clicked, he spun the bass over to his other side and drew me in with a big squeeze.

Q. What is the one album that every music lover must have in his/her collection, and why?

A. Make sure you have every Stevie Wonder album from the 70s.

Q. How do you teach your kids about music? What do you do to keep them engaged in music?

A. Our boys both began studying piano at an early age, as we believe the piano to be a great starting point, as well as a life-long friend, no matter one’s principal instrument.  Our older son has now switched to guitar.  They’re both very connected to the music.  Daily practice for them is a given in our home, and it’s not that we’re trying to make professional musicians out of them, necessarily, but we believe music study to be an essential part of their education as human beings.

Q. You’re in an elevator, meet an acquaintance and have about 20 seconds to tell her about Jazz Night. Pitch it in your own words.

A. One thing I love about the PS 9 community is all the different talents and energy coming from a diverse, dedicated group of parents who help the school in various ways.  This concert is a great example: an evening of musical collaboration featuring world-class talent, all drawn from within that community.

Read more about Stephan’s work, and come see him perform live on March 4th at Littlefield!

Memphis-bred, Grammy-nominated bassist/composer Stephan Crump has lived in Brooklyn since 1994. An active bandleader and composer, he has released ten critically-acclaimed albums in addition to numerous film scoring contributions. Since 2010, he has released three recordings documenting his free-improvised duo collaborations with alto saxophonist Steve Lehman, pianist James Carney, and guitarist Mary Halvorson. Crump has received special notice for his 14 years of collaboration with pianist/composer Vijay Iyer, whose 2009 Grammy-nominated and Echo Award-winning trio release, “Historicity,” has been heralded a game-changing jazz recording. Vijay Iyer Trio’s recent “Break Stuff” was named by The New York Times’ Ben Ratliff as one of the best albums of 2015.

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