2017 Community and Citywide Education Council

New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña has announced the beginning of the 2017 Community and Citywide Education Council election cycle and is encouraging all public school parents to consider running for a seat so they can make a significant impact on their child’s education and become a champion for school communities.

The application period begins on February 9th. Parents interested in becoming members of a Community or Citywide Education Council should visit NYCParentLeaders.org for more information. And, parents interested in learning more about the aroles and responsibilities of the Community and Citywide Education Councils should attend an information session.

Between March 20 and April 21, Presidents’ Councils in each district will host forums for candidates to engage parents and parent leaders.

Officers of each school’s parent or parent-teacher association will cast their ballots online between April 23 and May 9. On May 15, the results will be posted online at NYCParentLeaders.org. The newly elected Education Council members will attend trainings and ongoing leadership development sessions on their roles and responsibilities. Trainings will be organized by the Division of Family and Community Engagement. For more information about appointed members visit http://nycparentleaders.org/citywide-education-councils.html

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