Last week we shared information about Marquis Studios, one of the enrichment programs funded by the PTO, and which provides musical education for our P.S. 9 students.

For nearly 40 years, Marquis Studios has provided arts-in-education services to New York City public schools, using a model in which residencies led by Teaching Artists concentrate on a specific visual or performing arts discipline, with a curriculum custom-designed to help meet classroom goals.

We asked students to write about their experiences with the program, and we’re happy to share them with you:

By Aidan, 4th Grade:

Marquis Studio is a great musical studio. It gives schools the opportunity to teach students to see how beautiful the art of music is. Our director for Marquis Studio here at PS 9 is Mr. John Dykstra. He has taught us many great songs, even in different languages! This diversity has tested us to see how well we can speak of different cultures.

My experience with Mr. Dykstra so far has been very pleasant. Even if you get the song wrong a hundred times he would keep on encouraging you. I have been working with Mr. Dykstra since 3rd Grade, and he is very engaging. Marquis Studio and PS 9 is lucky to have him. Marquis Studio is a great way to introduce students to music and singing. And Marquis Studio has proved themselves to be a great program.

By James, 4th Grade:

Marquis Studios has a musical program for schools. For our school, we have Mr. John Dykstra. He teaches songs mostly about seasonal themes. We sing in other languages, including German and Latin last year, and Hebrew this year. One of my favorite songs is about a Thanksgiving turkey who senses a man’s sly plot to boil him. He also teaches us about notes. (those of us who do know are reminded).  Also, we sang in three-part harmony and a chorus of all the classes, too.  The rest of this is shown in the performances we hope you go to.

Parents, please note that the schedule for Marquis Studios Residency Final Performances include:

  • Monday, December 19th at 1:00pm – 1st Grade – Animal Habitats – Creative Movement
  • Friday, December 23rd at 8:45am – 4th Grade Vocal Music; and 9:45am – 5th Grade Vocal Music

And, Marquis Studios at P.S. 9 is just one example of how money raised by the PTO is used. If you support programs like this, we ask that you please consider donating to our annual Fall Fundraiser ( Every contribution, regardless of size, truly makes a difference!