Drumroll Please…Results of the PTO Fall Fundraising Drive!

A little more than three weeks ago, when we kicked off our annual Fall Fundraiser, we declared a goal of collecting $15,000 in donations from the school community, allowing us to “unlock” a preexisting matching fund commitment of $15,000. Today we’re very pleased to announce that thanks to your tremendous generosity, we have not only met that goal but more than DOUBLED it! To be precise, over the eighteen-day span of the matching fund campaign, the PTO received $33,266 in new donations, which, combined with the realized matching fund pledge, means that in under a month we have raised over $48,000 that will go directly to our kids. Great job, and THANK YOU!

Our work, though, isn’t finished. The truth is that the PTO is still only halfway to its overall fundraising target, which it absolutely must reach in order to meet its obligations to .S 9’s students.  As we hope we’ve made clear through our recent series of bulletins tied to the matching fund drive, the PTO now funds several wonderful programs that have become part of our school’s fabric, and that benefit our children immensely. Failing to achieve our fundraising objective would jeopardize our ability to continue to do so.         

But here’s what we have going for us: YOU. One of the things we love about the PS 9 community is that, for many years now, it has found a way to keep moving the school forward, to constantly improve our children’s educational experience and to never let it slip. We know that this year you’ll step up yet again.

Please be aware that our fund drive is ongoing. While donations made earlier in the year allow us to plan and allocate resources more effectively (note: in order to be eligible for a 2016 tax deduction, checks must be postmarked by 12/31/16), contributions received at any time, in any amount, whether from parents or grandparents or friends or employers, are always hugely appreciated. Collection tables have been and will be out during our kids’ holiday performances this week! Please read here for details on how to give: http://www.ps9brooklyn.org/our-families/ps-9-pto/donate

Thanks so much, PS 9, for everything you’ve already done this school year. We promise to keep working hard to get the job done for all our kids, and we’re sure that with you by our side as partners, we’re going to succeed.

Happy Holidays!


PTO Fundraising Committee  

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