Stepping Up for P.S. 9 — Fall Fundraising Drive!

Please join us in our 2016 Fall Fundraising Drive! We’re pleased to say that generous donations from P.S. 9 families and friends in recent years have contributed enormously to our school’s drive to meet this standard. Take a look at a few current examples of your support in action at P.S. 9:

  • Visual and performing arts programs such as Studio in the School, Marquis Studios and ballroom dancing
  • Movement programs like Playworks, which supports early drop-off and fosters cooperative play activities throughout the school day
  • Enhanced classroom libraries, plus other essential materials that go directly to our kids’ classrooms
  • More project-based learning in science and technology, including garden education, science field study and a pilot year for OMNiLEARN science instruction!

But we’re not satisfied! We have an obligation to our kids not just to maintain the P.S. 9 that exists today, but to constantly push it to be as great as possible. Here’s just a glimpse of our vision of what the PTO can provide to the P.S. 9 of tomorrow:

  • Expansion to all grades, on a recurrent basis, of cutting edge academic modules (such as OMNiLEARN) presently in limited application within the school
  • Practical and aesthetic improvements to both the interior and the exterior of the P.S. 9 facility
  • Funding for continued professional development, as well as for the hiring of additional staff
  • Sponsorship of an upgraded P.S. 9 athletics program.

Every donation, regardless of size, truly makes a difference! Please click here for details on how to donate!

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