P.S. 9’s Annual Hoop-a-Thon is Today at 3pm!

hoop-a-thon-2016It’s the time of year to get your “hoop on” at P.S. 9’s annual Hoop-a-Thon!

What’s a Hoop-a-Thon? It’s a fundraiser for our fifth graders. On Friday, Oct. 28 from 3-5 pm, students will hula-hoop for as many minutes as they can. Not only is the Hoop-a-Thon a great way to foster our children’s love of exercise and keep them active, it’s a lot of fun! Students can also participate in as many fun activities such as: Hula Hoop, Basketball Dunks, scoring Soccer Goals, Jumping Rope or Double Dutch Jump rope; while raising funds for their 5th grade classmates. This event is open to all students who wish to participate.

How does it work?
Students will ask family members, friends and others to “pledge” money or “sponsor” a hoop activity. Parent must accompany students when requesting donations.

  • One way is to ask sponsors to donate a fixed amount. For example, a “$10 fixed donation” is a gift that is not based on the number of minutes or activities the student participates in.
  • The second way is to ask sponsors to pledge a certain amount for each activity. For example, if a sponsor pledges $2.00 per activity, and the student participates in 5 activities, the donor will need to give $10.00 to the Hoop-a-Thon.

How will students keep track of their pledges?

Students will use the Hoop-a-Thon Pledge Sheet” (download it here) to keep track of pledges and payments. Sponsors may send cash, money order or checks made payable to P.S. 9.

The Hoop-a-Thon is scheduled for Friday, October 28th at 3:00 pm. It is open to families from 2nd-5th grades who wants to participate in the fundraiser. We are asking students to get sponsors for activities that they are interested in and monies are due by the 28th. This fundraiser is for the 5th grade.

Please contact Mrs. Karen Shaw-Taylor, Guidance Counselor, at 718-638-3260, ext. 1231 if you have any questions.

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