PS 9 PTO Elections for the 2016-2017 Year

PS 9 PTO Elections for the 2016-2017 Year

Parent involvement is important to the success of our school. The PTO does its part by improving communication between the school and parents, raising funds, and creating continuity from year-to-year for parent volunteers.

If you are a parent who would like to do your part in supporting the PS 9 community, please consider becoming a PTO officer for the 2016-2017 school year.

Executive Committee Open Positions

Nominations for the 2016-17 PTO are now open! Here is a list of all available executive board positions:

  1. 1st Co-President (Community Building)
  2. 2nd Co-President (Fundraising)
  3. 1st Vice President (Community Building)
  4. 2nd Vice President (Fundraising)
  5. 1st Recording Secretary
  6. 2nd Recording Secretary
  7. Correspondence Secretary
  8. Treasurer
  9. Financial Secretary
  10. 1st Parent-Teacher Liaison (Grades Pre-K through 2)
  11. 2nd Parent-Teacher Liaison (Grades 3 through 5)
  12. Parliamentarian

The membership must also elect at least 3 parents to the PTO Board of Directors as well as 2 parents for the School Leadership Team. The term limit for SLT is two years.

For further descriptions of each position click here.


The only qualification for all Executive Committee offices is that the candidate be a parent or guardian of a child in the school. The term limit is one year, beginning July 1, 2016. An officer may be elected to serve three consecutive, one-year terms.

How to Nominate

Nominations will be accepted until elections during the May 17, 2016 PTO meeting.

  1. Nomination forms and drop box are located in the PS 9 lobby.
  2. Contact a member of the Nominating Committee:
  3. Nominate a parent by completing the form below:Having trouble with this form? Click here and give it a try.


Elections will be held during the May 17, 2016 PTO meeting in the auditorium. Childcare will be provided for a suggested donation of $5/child.

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