SLT Minutes: Jan 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Meeting begins at 4:25pm.

Brief discussion on CEP will table it to the February SLT meeting. Document will be uploaded on google docs.

Quality Review

2015 DOE Quality Review will be held on Jan 15, 2015. Ms. D’ Avilar passed out QR for the SLT to review and asked if there were questions. SLT asked a few questions and Ms. D’Avilar discussed the process. Representative from DOE will go to 7-8 classrooms, meet with teachers, parents, and students. She will also review student notebooks, look at classrooms, and pour through school data. After the visit she will prepare a feedback report that will be shared with the SLT.

Adjustments to curriculum

Ms. D’Avilar is going to shift things so that science only happens in the science labs. Teachers are running out of time in the classroom, so science activities in the classroom will be integrated into ELA. For example, science read-a-loud, writing like a scientist, etc.

There are 7 periods in a school day:
1- Lunch
1- Prep (students either have dance/PE, science, library, technology, or music) during these prep periods
2- Math
3- ELA (science and social studies integrated)


The SLT discussed the various enrichment programs at PS9 and how they are distributed. Ms. D’Avilar and Ms. Smith are working on creating the matrix for February-June and will post and distribute to parents. There was some discussion about the cost and access of Noel Pointers. The program costs $47000 and 81 students participate in it. This year everyone who applied got in. Ms. D’Avilar even extended it a bit to include everyone.

Whole Child Network

PS9 will be presenting on the Whole Child Network at the ASCD in March.


The gym will be closed from Jan 16-23 while it is being refurbished. The NBA provided the funds for this renovation. The NBA All Star day will be Feb 13. Since the kids will not have gym there will be special attention given to movement in the classroom. Mr. Lynch will be coming to the classrooms to teach about health and HIV.

Agenda items for Feb 9 include: CEP and reflections on the quality review

Meeting Adjourned at 5:50pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Carolina Bank Muñoz

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