SLT Minutes: Dec 2014

December 15, 2014
SLT meeting

Minutes are approved from last meeting

Brief discussion about recess temperature/weather conditions for outdoor play
2 things are considered: 1. Asthmatics 2. Bad weather and too cold
Movement at lunch during indoor days: gym, lobby, auditorium
Imagination playground will follow-up will be stored in the gym closet

New CEP passed out by Mrs. D’Avilar
• New format
• 4 goals
• everyone will take it home and read it
• they can respond via googledocs
• Ivanna will set up googledocs

Nutcracker logistics
• Streaming it into the gym
• First come first serve into auditorium
• Looking for a screen to project in the gym and other classroom
• Tickets will be given for auditorium for families of children
• Resources for streaming show into classrooms
• Decorating will come in Thursday and check with Pete
• Wilson chose students based on classes she sees and invited the students to join after school
• Student made flyer
• Friday night performance
• Thursday two dress rehearsals
• Letter home to parents tomorrow about tickets
• “fun flicks ny party rental”
• emails sent to Ms.D’Avilar for input and output of information

Math curriculum
• PTO paid for last year’s math in focus
• What is the curriculum and why?
• Is the implementation of the layers confusing to teachers?
• Our framework comes from the state:

o The state has developed EngageNY as a resource
o Teachers use engage for pacing
o Engage focuses on Universal Design for Learning
o Singapore math was purchased with money this year from PS9 budget money
o Exemplars: problem solving through all grade
o Parents do not have to go online however, parents have access online to programs
o Cost to supplement workbooks: $50,000
o Parent workshops for math first of 2 will be: January Friday 9th k-2 parents and Friday 30th morning and evening 6:00 3-5 workshop
o PTO will do child care
o More textbooks for purchased for larger register
o Can PTO support by putting into budget?
o Investigation, math content and problem solving

Special Education workshop
• Possible Saturday workshop to raise awareness
• Think about timing
• 5 minute breaks
• send out a survey
• other possible parent workshop survey sent to parents and will offer

Quality review
• working on reading and small group instruction

NBA is coming to PS9 February 13th gym will be closed for 1 week for PS9 to get a new gym!
• Will there be sound proofing?

Is there money for capital improvements for special education with sound and auditory issue?
PTO planning to sound proof the cafeteria
Silent Auction raised $31,000

PTO will support the Democratic National Convention at Barclays, will want mitigation for the neighborhood, what would the school want?
• Possibly a pleasant entryway

For the next meeting all will look over the CEP
Next meeting January 12th

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