SLT Minutes: Sep 2014

P.S 9 School Leadership Team Minutes

September 22, 2014


Principal Sandra D’ Avilar (Principal/Instructional Leader), Duane Domutz (parent), Diandra Verwayne (teacher/UFT Chapter Leader), Wendy Blum (parent), Carolina Bank Muñoz (parent), Yolanda Shaw Murphy (teacher). PLEASE ADD TWO OTHER TEACHERS PRESENT. -Christopher Diamond (parent/PTO Co-President) was not able to make it due to a work conflict. -Guests: Faye Rimalovski (parent/Silent Auction), Ivana Espinet (parent)

The first meeting of the school year started in the library. Ms. D’Avilar chaired the meeting.

Ms. D’Avilar gave a brief report on the state of the school. There may be 7 open spots in Kindergarten that we will need to fill. Because of the new Pre-K classrooms, the cluster teachers have shifted. Ms. Hernandez is now teaching Pre-K, Ms. Shaw is the guidance counselor, Ms. Wilson is the dance teacher, Ms. Nelson is the librarian, and Ms. Oz teaches technology. Ms. D’Avilar is still looking for a Spanish teacher, but there is no money in the budget. Every ounce of space at P.S.9 is being used. There is no additional space anywhere in the building. Biggest concerns right now is overcrowding in 2nd and 4th grade, particularly 4th grade. Ms. D’Avilar will have to create a 4/5 Bridge class to ease overcrowding.

This year, P.S. 9 has partnered with P.S. 321 and P.S 159. The schools are working together to share best practices.

Silent Auction:

Ms. Rimalovski reported on the preparations for the Silent Auction. Last year the silent auction raised $30,000. This year the silent auction will be held on Nov 8th, 6-10pm at Union Temple. Ms. Rimalovski asks that the SLT help with ticket sales. This entails making photocopies, stapling envelope to letters, backpacking letters, and collecting envelopes from classrooms. The silent auction committee also needs help with vendor donations and centerpieces. The SLT agreed to help with ticket sales. More information on the silent auction can be found at


Ivana led a conversation about high stakes testing and what it means for the school. The discussion centered on how testing impacts students, parents, and teachers. We also discussed the growing number of parents participating in the opt out movement. Carolina suggested that parents at P.S.9 organize a forum on high stakes testing that gives clear information and options for parents. Ms. D’Avilar will discuss this with her staff and get back to the SLT.

School Budget

Ms. D’Avilar will provide the SLT with the school budget next month

  • Officers: The members agreed on officers
  • Co-Chairs- Mr. Domutz and Ms. Blum
  • Co-Secretaries- Ms. Bank Muñoz and Ms. ?
  • Timekeeper- Ms. Verwayne and Ms. ?

Committees will be discussed at the next SLT meeting.

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