Barnes and Noble: Teacher Wish Lists

Barnes and Noble: Teacher Wish Lists

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the Barnes and Noble Book Fair on May 17th. The event was a huge success thanks to the many volunteers who made it happen. Please keep in mind that you can still help complete the teacher wish lists by buying books for classrooms online or in stores. Be sure to use Bookfair ID #11305018 through May 22nd. Wish lists can be found at the following links:

Ms. Nurse Science Wish List

PS9 Occupational Therapy Wish List

Ms. Sierra’s Wish List, 5th Grade

PS9 4th Grade Wish List

PS9 Third Grade Wish List

PS9 Ms. Darress and Ms. Logan’s 5th Grade Classroom Wish List

Second Grade Wish List

Ms. Laborde’s Wish List

Ms. Basovitch’s Wish List, 1st Grade

Ms. Sulwalsky’s Wish List, Kindergarten

Ms. Herran’s Wish List, Pre-K

Ms. Silvestry’s PreK Wish List

Ms. Romero’s 1st Grade Wish List

Ms. Field’s PreK Wish List

Ms. Zeff’s Wish List, 4th Grade

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