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What’s Up in Wellness February 2014


Fruit kebabs, heart-shaped watermelon slices, pink smoothies, cards/bookmarks made from recycled holiday ornaments . . . just a few treats kids will love making on Valentine’s Day. Approach your teacher or class parent if you’d like to help out with a candy-free celebration this year. Who needs Red 40 to have fun?

 Cookshop is underway: Ask your child what they made this week. (Better still, get them to make it for you.) But Cookshop isn’t just for kids. In the first two Family Cookshop sessions, Ms Shaw-Taylor helped parents make pasta salad, peach salsa, and veggie wraps.  Next sessions are February 5, April 9, and May 7 at 8.30am; contact Charmaine Jacob to sign up for the rest of the free program.

Just in time for Sochi . . . the gorgeous new LeFrak Center ice skating rink in Prospect Park is open. On Friday, March 14 the rink will host a PS9 Family Skate, starting at 3.30pm — tickets (for admission, skate rental, and bag check) are $9. Watch out for full details in your future gold medalist’s backpack and/or in Ms Jacob’s mailing. And in the meantime, why not organize a class meet-up at the rink? Info: http://www.lakesideprospectpark.com/

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