Physical Fitness

In line with NYC’s Phase 2 reopening, the PS9 playground is once again open for public use! Please be sure to practice good social distancing and wear masks, per New York State and CDC guidance.

Even though we are still staying home as much as we can, staying active is still important (maybe even more so!) for our physical and emotional health.

Here are a few tips, and don’t forget to check in with Mr. Lapine and Mr. Lynch on Google Classroom – they have even more great ideas about how to have fun and stay healthy!

Playworks Play at Home

Logo for Playworks: Play at HomePlayworks has for over 24 years focused on bringing games and activities to schools, while creating a safe and healthy recess for students. We are now, more than ever, committed to responding to the need for continued healthy activities at home through several resources we are offering for free.

          • Play at Home Webpage: A free library of videos and other resources featuring games and activities families can play at home. Each meeting the CDC requirements of social distancing and limited equipment.
          • Play at Home Playbook: This game guide has a variety of games and activities families can do in their own home, with little to no equipment necessary.
          • Live Virtual Recess: Each Monday to Friday, a Playworks Coach leads a morning warm-up (12:00 pm), a midday game (2:00 pm), and an afternoon cooldown (4:00 pm). Tune into Facebook Live and play along! See a sample on YouTube.


Virtual Lessons & Resources

  • SWEAT FC: Virtual Soccer Lessons
  • Stay Active at Home with Rising New York Road Runners: A new online resource that provides physical literacy-based activities and games for students, families, and teachers to implement at home. These free activities are safe to practice under space constraints and social distancing guidelines. No equipment is necessary, and each activity includes detailed instructions and photos for adults to help kids with proper form.