Digital Tools for Remote Learning

NYCDOE Student Google Accounts

The account gives your child access to Google Classroom and other resources teachers may use. Mainly they will be able to use tools such as:

Google Classroom

Access Google Classroom

  • You will need a device that has access to WIFI such as: Smart Phone, Computer, Tablet, XBox and/or Nintendo Switch (If you need WIFI, free WIFI is being offered by the DOE).
  • Go to
  • Login: Use your NYCDOE provided Student Username and password
  • Click accept to all the classrooms you have been invited to

Guides to Google Classroom


Edmentum Courseware: Exact Path

A free digital learning program to support student learning remotely for K-5 students. Students will have access to core curriculum content and individualized learning paths throughout the summer – until 8/14/20. It is recommended that students log in for at least 2 hours each week to benefit from the program. Please see the video program overview to get a better understanding.

Our students already have access via their NYC DOE Student Accounts.

How to access the program:

Login to
Select “Login as a Student.”
Select the second option that states “Students, Teachers, and Staff”
To login, use your child’s OSIS Number unless directed otherwise by your child’s teacher.
Click on your child’s classroom page.
Finally, click “Edmentum – Courseware, Assessments, Exact Path”



Freckle is an online platform that offers differentiated lessons “so every student can learn and understand the material at their own level. No one gets bored or left behind, and everyone can participate in group activities and class discussions.”

The company offers a quick guide for using Freckle at Home on their website, and we have created an overview for our school as well. At PS9, upper grade students have independent learning access to ELA and mathematics. Teachers can also assign lessons to students in both subjects, as well as in science and social studies.