July 22, 2020

Dear PS9 Families,

I hope that all is well, and you are enjoying your summer. As you may know, the Department of Education (DOE) released updates on school re-opening policies for the fall.

There are several key pieces of information I would like to highlight:

As of now, given current health and safety guidelines, we are preparing to open the school in September.  However, we will not be able to have 100% of students present in the building on a given day.  NYC schools are planning to operate under the Blended Learning Model, where students will be taught on-site in our building during part of the week and will learn remotely from home the other days of the week.

The DOE released a limited number of models for school schedules with this blended learning environment.  You can expect your child to be in school one or two consistent days per week, with additional in-person days on a rotating schedule.

The specific model that will work for each school will vary, depending on three key considerations: building space capacity, staffing ability, and the number of students who opt-in for full-time remote instruction. We expect to be able to share your child’s specific schedule with you in mid-August, after it has been approved by the District, City, and State.

Please note that families have the option to opt-out of blended learning and choose an all-remote schedule anytime next fall.  Students will not need a medical reason to register for this option.

To best anticipate the needs of our own school community, if you have not already done so, please complete the following parent engagement survey by Friday July 24th, which was initially sent earlier this month on Wednesday, July 8th: PS9 Survey for Back to School Thank you for the 668 responses we have received to date. We ask that you complete this survey in addition to any surveys distributed by the DOE, so that we at PS9 may have the most up-to-date and accurate picture of your needs.

Learning Preference for 2020-21 – Parents Make a Choice by August 7: As previously shared July 16, parents who have not already done so (whose children will attend PS9) are being asked to make the first official decision that the DOE is requesting about learning preferences for the 2020-21 school year.

    • To make your choice, click the “Get Started” tab on this page: https://www.nycenet.edu/surveys/learningpreference
    • Enter K009 for your school and the previous school name “PS9 – Teunis G. Bergen” will appear.
    • You have until August 7 to make your decision, and you can make changes to your form until then.
    • If you do not complete this form by August 7, your child will be automatically enrolled in Blended Learning and you will have the option to change this preference a few specific times during the school year when the Chancellor’s office provides those time-frames.

Finally, I’d like to see and hear from you directly.

Please join me on Monday, July 27th at 10am for a “Coffee with the Principal” event. This will be an opportunity for you to share any questions or concerns you may have, as well as gather your input on programming models as we engage in this planning process.  Join using: meet.google.com/ctd-fzjx-vkh

Join me on Thursday July 30th at 5pm for a Family Engagement Session. The purpose of this meeting is to share with you some updates on reopening in the fall, the school’s preliminary programming model choice, the results from our reopening survey, and answer your submitted questions. Please use this form to submit questions in advance. Join using: meet.google.com/vna-vego-jxs. In addition, if you have translation needs, please email Ms. Jacob (Cderrell@schoools.nyc.gov) by July 27th, so that we may set up the appropriate translation line to support your engagement in this conversation.

Also, please join the PS9 Parent Community Discussion: Managing Remote Learning and “Off Day” Care on Tuesday, August 4th 6-8 pm (Zoom link to be sent later).

We understand how important it is for families to have the information they need to prepare for the coming year.  We will remain in contact with you as we learn new information.  The DOE will regularly be providing updated information, including dates for sessions with Chancellor Carranza to answer any questions or concerns families may have. See the schedule and sign up for an event at:  https://learndoe.org/face/

Thank you for your ongoing patience and flexibility.
Fatimah Ali