December 4, 2020

Dear PS9 Families,

Thank you for your patience and partnership as we pivot the school back to blended and remote learning for December 7th 2020. Please see below for our December 4th Program Updates. Please know that the staff is transitioning real-time to ensure school-wide cohesiveness.

The Overview Rationale

With all PS9 students in mind, we had to implement changes to provide the most robust and equitable program possible given the circumstances and unique challenges facing our school. As we received the November 15 Parent Learning Survey results for Blended opt-in, we revisited Blended classrooms that were significantly under enrolled and restructured them to have the ability to sustain 2 school programs more effectively and equitably- Fully Remote and Blended.


• All Pre-K students will now come to school 5 days a week, 8:30-2:00 p.m.
• We have a new Pre-K section being taught by Ms. Epervary to maintain the safety regulations for the number of students in a class.
• Ms. Hernandez will work with both classes to continue her Dual Language instruction for all Pre-K DL students.

Update on Cluster Classes

• To provide access to cluster teachers while shifting back to a full Blended Program, clusters will provide remote students with optional weekly content/activities, so that families who cannot manage the additional time/requirement, have that flexibility.
• Cluster assignments are no longer mandatory for fully remote students and cluster teachers will not be providing grades/feedback to fully remote students.
• Effective Monday, Dec 7th, cluster teachers will follow a new in-person blended schedule and only teach blended students on in-person days. There will continue to be grading for in-person blended students.
• Clusters will be posting weekly for students to access during the school day/schedule or on their own time.
• Teachers will post these Optional Google Classroom Links on their classroom streams and in the General Information section of their Google Classroom.

Updates for Blended Learners

Google Classroom

• The Google classroom platform for the blended teachers will still be available to access information such as the class asynchronous schedule, Teacher’s College Instructional Videos for Reading and Writing, monthly calendars, curriculum letters, optional cluster links to activities/content.
• The 1b Model provides additional days in school for blended learners. This means there is no live instruction on asynchronous days. Teachers will provide a sample flow of the day (asynchronous schedule) that you may utilize at home when your child is at home to structure your child’s day.
• Daily Targeted Instruction for Intervention & Acceleration is provided by Exact Path Program (students have individual learning paths) for Reading and Math for all K-5 students

Outdoor Learning Update

• Gym and Dance are both physical activities and will continue to take place outside, weather permitting
• The rest of the blended clusters will push into the classrooms daily
• The option to utilize outdoor learning for teachers remains optional, depending on the weather & available volunteers

Updates for Remote Learners

Google Classroom

• The schedules will continue to evolve as the requirements for live instructional minutes continue to increase over the school year. When we went fully remote as a school, we were able to program in our blended Dual Language teachers and blended G &T teachers. Moving forward, we were able to provide a Dual Language teacher in each grade, but do not have additional G&T teachers to support both blended and remote programs.

New Resources

• By January, identified struggling students will be provided with a Practice Makes Perfect tutor for early childhood Literacy. At this time, I have been able to purchase 4 tutors to work with up to 40 remote students individually in grades K &1 that are identified by their teacher as needing additional support. Now that Ms. Marshall is back to a blended schedule, her K & 1 students will be given the option to participate.
• By January, there will be an Instructional Technology Coach from Educate, who will work with the school 2 days a week to further support and provide professional development for fully remote teachers with the 3 main Virtual Instructional platforms (Exact Path, Freckle, myON), and with strategically using student data to best meet the needs of all our students.
• Teacher’s College virtual Reading videos have also been purchased to supplement the writing videos for all K-5 students with access to instructional supports at home and we will announce the launch date as soon as the access is provided to our school.

Dual Language

• Mr. Delgado will teach grade 3 & 4 fully remote students Spanish daily.
• Currently there is a Dual Language teacher on every grade for fully remote students.

Google Classroom Links for OPTIONAL Cluster Classes

PreK-5th Grade

Physical Education with Mr. Lynch
Visual Arts with Ms. Ruiz

Pre-K-2nd Grade Only

Dance with Ms. Wilson
Physical Education with Mr. Lapine
Science with Ms. Nurse

3rd-5th Grade Only

Dance with Ms. Wilson
Physical Education with Mr. Lapine
Science with Ms. Codrington

We hope this offers some additional clarity. Have a restful weekend.

Fatimah Ali