December 1, 2020

Dear PS9 Families,

We hope you had a peaceful Thanksgiving weekend with your families.

Return to In-Person Instruction

As announced on November 29, and shared yesterday by Chancellor Carranza, schools will resume in-person instruction. This will include the students who just opted into blended learning during the opt-in window. PS9 will be open this Monday, December 7th at 8:30 am and will be following the 1b Model (see additional attachment for the December calendar).

All grades, Pre-K to 5, will follow the 1b School Schedule. This will increase the overall number of days students will be in school. Due to the number of students in each of our classes and staffing constraints, we cannot combine all cohorts without going over the CDC guidelines for class caps. For this reason, we cannot accommodate the 5 day a week model that the Chancellor spoke to in his announcement.


In preparation for return to in-person, we are doing the following:

  • Programming students who opted into blended instruction by the November 15th deadline.
  • Combining classes with low student rosters to be able to provide a classroom teacher for all our students in fully remote and blended settings.
  • Keeping the transitioning students together for the classrooms being combined to the fullest extent possible and maintaining the A or B grouping for this transition.
  • Collaborating and communicating program updates with our teachers and staff.
  • Utilizing multiple (11) substitute teachers to cover the school day program.

Classroom Updates

For classrooms in which changes were made, teachers will conduct outreach to parents by Wednesday, December 2, 2020, speak to their students this week during Social Emotional Learning Time, and set a time to introduce the new teacher(s) to the students in order to support the transition for Monday.

If you have a new teacher, they will be sending you Google Classroom invites this week for students to be able to access their new classrooms for Monday. Below is the overview summary of school program adjustments made to accommodate the needs of all our students. We kept most students together from original classes to ease the transition.

Cluster Program Updates forthcoming for blended and remote students.

No staff changes were made in Pre-K.

Ms. Epervary students were placed into Ms. Babbit & Ms. Schwartz class or Ms. Noel’s class.
Ms. Epervary will be teaching remotely as a cluster. (Schedule TBD)

Grade 1
Ms. Crespo’s students were placed into Ms. Deverteuil’s and Ms. Zienelabdin class.
Ms. Crespo will be our fully remote K-2 Self-Contained teacher.

Grade 2
Ms. Burgos will become the full time classroom teacher for Ms. Ross class. She is Dual Language certified.

Grade 3
No staff changes were made in Grade 3.

Grade 4
Ms. Burgos students were kept together in their cohort and combined with Ms. Pena’s 4th grade Dual Language class.

Grade 5
No staff changes were made in Grade 5.


For Blended Learners

Student Consent

  • Random testing will now be conducted weekly at schools so that 20% of students and staff are tested regularly. The dates are random and sent to the school to be able to operationalize. I do not set the dates and cannot share them as they are intended to be random.
  • All students in grades 1-5 are required to provide consent for testing by December 7, or by their first scheduled in-person learning day. If a student arrives on their first day of in-person without a consent form in hand or submitted online, parent or guardian will be called that day to collect consent immediately.
  • Staff will have hard copies of consent forms at arrival.
  • Families can submit consent using their NYC Schools Account. Please note that even if parents previously provided consent, we are asking them to submit again to ensure they have the updated consent form for their child that reflects the requirement for weekly testing in your school. Note that the consent form was updated on Wednesday, October 14 to reflect this change.
  • Students who need a medical exemption (available for all students) or disability-based exemption (available for students with IEPs) will be able to submit separate forms for approval. Principals will receive more information this week for distribution to families by Monday.
  • Students without consent, parents who do not approve consent and/or who do not have medical exemption or disability-based exemption will be moved to fully remote instruction.
  • School will continue to provide the daily screening procedures.

For Fully Remote Learners

As we shift to Model 1b, there are changes that impact our school-wide program and schedules. We are happy to share that we were able to accomplish our goal to provide additional support for our fully remote Special Education Students through the changes we have made to the school program. Due to the Chancellor’s November 29 announcement, we are making all the changes at once.

  • All fully remote ICT classes have 2 teachers (Special Education & General Education) Grades K-5.
  • We have added 2 fully remote self-contained classes for K-2 and 3-5 students to supplement our 5 day a week self-contained blended classrooms for K-2 and 3-5.
  • Grades Pre-K, K,1,2 & 5 have fully remote Dual Language teachers. At this time, due to continued staff shortage, we are unable to provide fully remote DL teachers for grade 3 and 4 remotely.
  • At this time, due to continued staff shortage, we are unable to provide fully remote G&T teachers for 1-5 remotely.
  • Fully remote teachers will adjust their schedules for next week to reflect the change in program as it relates to Dual Language and Gifted & Talented.
  • Cluster program will include a fully remote cluster teacher who will provide movement and art. This will not be graded and is optional.

Thank you for your partnership as we transition back to the school. Please know our teachers and staff are working hard to ensure that your child is taken care of during these challenging times. We will keep you informed as we receive any further information. As always, we are here to support you to the fullest extent possible. Please continue to reach out to our support staff as your needs arise.

Fatimah Ali