Information from the NYCDOE

This page includes information and updates collected from the New York City Department of Education during Remote Learning. Try the pages listed here for other topics:


NYC DOE Official Website


NYC Learn At Home

The Learn at Home page on the DOE website contains everything you need to know about Remote Learning. There are links to materials, external websites, and activities that families can use to help students at home any time. 

Remote Learning Readiness Checklist

Consider these tips to best prepare you and your child for remote learning:

✓  Get familiar with each of the digital tools your child will use while learning from home.

✓  Review your school’s expectations for completing assignments and appropriate behavior on internet-enabled devices.

✓  Set up a space for your child to use that considers their unique learning styles.

✓  Create a routine and daily schedule that will support your child’s success while learning from home.

✓  Make a list of activities that you and your child can use in addition to their classwork.

✓  If you don’t have access to an internet-enabled device, fill out this survey to be connected to one!


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