Student examining a leaf through a magnifying glass
Hands-on learning: a student studies leaf structure

PS9 is about challenging minds, building character, and creating community. We focus on the whole child, with the goal of nurturing the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of every student. We emphasize high standards and follow a rigorous curriculum while taking pains to meet the individual needs of each student.

At PS9, we strongly believe every child is gifted and we seek out and develop those gifts through differentiated instruction and through using, schoolwide, the kind of enrichment-oriented instructional model that was originally developed for Gifted and Talented classes.

Student working on an art project
Arts enrichment is a priority at PS9

We foster a close bond between the school and entire community, as it is our goal to encourage a new generation of engaged citizens and community leaders. We aim to build character, and we start each day with “words of wisdom” designed to encourage our children to think about values such as kindness, respect, generosity, honesty, diversity and the importance of education.

We strive to create a learning environment that is challenging, child-centered, diverse, and supportive of risk-takers.  We believe in, and provide our children with, authentic and organic instruction every day. We believe in real books, not workbooks, and in real-life experiences. Students are given the opportunity to seek, read, question, create and draw conclusions as they are exposed to the urban world around them.  Our classrooms are laboratories where our educators involve students in hands-on activities and closely observe them as they work in groups and individually.

At PS9, our teachers are engaged, lifelong learners who are constantly involved in the professional development that PS9 provides and insists on. They are also provided a structure that encourages them to share best practices through collaboration and team planning. Starting with our staff and spreading out to our student body, we aim to create a community of lifelong learners who are highly motivated for success.