School Leadership Team (SLT)


Pursuant to NYCDOE Chancellor’s Regulations, every New York City school must have a School Leadership Team (SLT). Each year this team assists in the evaluation and assessment of our school’s educational programs and their effects on student achievement in order to develop a Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP). They ensure that the school’s budget and resources are aligned to support those educational goals. The SLT serves as a structure for school-based decision making, and helps to insure a collaborative school culture.



Our School Leadership Team is comprised of the Principal, the PTO President, four teachers (including the UFT chapter leader) and four family representatives. Elections to the SLT are held in the late spring. Members serve a term of two years.

Principal: Fatimah Ali

Teacher (UFT Chapter Leader): Ms. Chong

Teacher Members: Mr. Espinoza, Ms. Soso, Ms. T. Taylor

PTO President: Jessica Flores (Parent to a graduate and a student in Grade 2)

Family Representatives (2019-21): Ellen Bolotin (Parent to students in Grades 2 and 5), Laura Caito (Parent to students in Grades 1 and 2), Krystal Linton (Parent to a graduate and a student in Grade 5)

Family Representative (2020-22): Nia Hooper-Mason (Parent to three students in Grade 1)


Meeting Schedule

Meetings take place at the school, generally on the third Tuesday of each month. All members of the PS9 community are welcome to attend and observe SLT meetings. Only SLT members and guests included on the agenda may participate in conversation during meetings. The team’s decisions are consensus-based.

Do you have a matter you would like to include on an SLT agenda?

Please contact one of your constituent members (the Principal, a teacher or a parent) to discuss the subject and whether they can add it to a future agenda – preferably at least two weeks in advance of a scheduled meeting.