PS9 is pleased to receive support from the PTO, teachers, and members of the community, so that we can provide enrichment programs to all of our students. Terrific dance and movement classes. Playground equipment. The addition of more than 600 books to the library. Gardening education. Science field studies. And much more.

Here is a sampling of the partners and programs that we offer at PS9:

Marquis Studio

For nearly 40 years, Marquis Studios has provided arts-in-education services to New York City public schools, using a model in which residencies led by Teaching Artists concentrate on a specific visual or performing arts discipline, with a curriculum custom-designed to help meet classroom goals.  Each year, our children are fortunate to have three unique residencies offered at PS9 by this wonderful organization.  Below are some themes that have been offered in previous years.

Creative Movement: Animal Habitats

(1st Grade, October-December)

Animal Habitats, with Teaching Artist Karla Myerston, examines four different ecosystems (jungle, forest, desert and ocean) and the various animals that live there. First graders learn why certain animals live in one habitat and not another and how a habitat influences living things inside of it. This creative movement program teaches students to articulate their thoughts verbally and how to express these thoughts into movement.

Musical Theater 

(4th & 5th Grade, October-December; 2nd & 3rd Grade, January-March; 1st Grade, April-June)

The joy of singing songs brings self-confidence and expressiveness to 1st through 5th grade students with Teaching Artist Jon Dykstra. The repertoire includes folk music, pop music, songs from around the world (some in different languages), and a few seasonal tunes — all of which have positive messages. Classes learn the basics of rhythm, melody, harmony, breathing and how to be part of an ensemble. The goal is to have everyone participate in a fun activity and learn how singing music is a positive group experience.

Creative Movement: How Does My Body Work?

(2nd Grade, April-June)

How does the heart pump blood in our bodies?  Teaching Artist Amy Beth Wright and second graders explore the design and function of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory and respiratory systems though creative movement, dance and yoga. Classes consider how these systems work individually and together to make our bodies work. They learn the importance of healthy eating and exercise and how to care for their bodies.

Marquis Studios at PS 9 is just one example of how money raised by the PTO is used. If you support programs like this, we ask that you please consider donating to our annual Fall Fundraiser (Donate).  Every contribution, regardless of size, truly makes a difference!

Studio in a School

Once a week for ten weeks, a Studio in a School instructor who is a professional artist will lead sessions focused on the exploration of collage, wood construction, paint and clay with every pre-K and Kindergarten class.  During these sessions, the children will be taught to observe the world closely, describe what they see, and reflect on what they create.  They will be challenged to engage, focus, persist and take chances, all while working with various art tools, including their hands, and increasing their fine motor skills.  And they will learn to solve concrete problems such as how to combine simple shapes to represent an animal, as well as develop a firmer grasp of fundamental principles like cause and effect when mixing colors or balancing wood as they build sculptures.   

And because the Studio in a School instruction model calls for a close partnership between the Studio artist and classroom teacher, who will be present at each session, the children will benefit from a program tailored to support their everyday academic curriculum!


Thanks to PTO funding, PS9’s partnership with OMNiLEARN, an innovative company specializing in STEAM education, now includes all classes in grades K-5!  From October through May, experienced OMNiLEARN consultants will visit once every six weeks with these classes to conduct hands-on science experiments using state-of-the-art equipment and protocols.  In addition to being a lot of fun, these sessions provide excellent support for PS9’s science curriculum and will help give our kids the tools they need to thrive in the twenty-first century!

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