As members of the wonderfully diverse PS 9 community, all parents, caregivers and teachers share the responsibility of preserving the PS 9 we have, and shaping the PS 9 to which we aspire. Our giving helps our school leadership close the financial gap between what city and state budgets offer, and the programming our children and teachers deserve.

Here are some of the PS 9 programs your support provides:

Marquis Studios




Studio in Schools

Neal Pointer

Classroom Field Trips

Building Upgrades

Dancing in Schools

In the past, the PTO has been able to spend close to $200 per student. We envision doing much, much more for our students and teachers, and with your generosity we can. If each PS 9 family gives an average $310 during the 2017-2018 school year, the PTO could meet and exceed our commitments to Principal D’Avilar and her hard-working team. We know each family has different economic needs and responsibilities. All we ask is that you give as generously as you can. Every amount makes a difference for our school!