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Why We Love P.S. 9

Come Grow with P.S. 9! Here are some of the reasons we love the school, why we think your donations are a smart investment, and how you can get more informed and involved. For our donations page, click here.

Rigorous, Progressive Education

P.S. 9 has a progressive, inquiry-based educational approach, with a strong emphasis on differentiating the curriculum based on individual student needs. Our graduates have been accepted to top schools such as NEST+M, Mark Twain and a variety of other district, charter and independent schools.

Warm, Friendly, Diverse Community

New York Times op-ed about the school described the P.S. 9 Family as “doctors, lawyers, childcare workers, musicians, people who live in homeless shelters, straight families, gay families, moms in burkas and dads with dreadlocks, all nodding and saying good morning to each other at drop-off.” Principal Sandra D’Avilar sets the tone for the entire school by being hands-on and approachable, with an open-door policy.

A Commitment to the Arts

At P.S. 9, the arts are not considered expendable. So as budget cuts continued to decimate arts teaching staff at schools all across the city, Principal D’Avilar has stepped up her efforts to form partnerships with local arts organizations such as the Guggenheim Museum and the Noel Pointer String Music Foundation, and to raise money for arts programming.

Continual Staff Training

PS 9 aims to create lifelong learners, and that philosophy starts with the staff.  Teachers get ongoing formal training from partners such as Columbia University and NYU Polytechnic Institute.

A Focus on the Whole Child

PS 9’s philosophy has long been to nurture the physical, intellectual and emotional well-being of every student. Since 2012, the has become part of the Whole Child Network, a nationwide program that promotes the development of children who are healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

Why You Should Support P.S. 9

It’s an Investment in Public Education

An excellent, free public school with a diverse student body means a bright future for all of us.

It’s an Investment in Prospect Heights

P.S. 9’s great reputation makes the school one of Prospect Heights’ prime assets. Supporting the school as it grows will benefit everyone in the neighborhood, whether or not they have school-aged children. 

It’s an Investment in Socioeconomic Diversity

P.S. 9 is a vibrant, dynamic school with a wonderful and rare quality: It is socioeconomically diverse. Contributions from community members will help the school continue to serve students from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds, which studies have shown to be of academic benefit to all students.

Your Preschoolers will need a Great Elementary School

If you live in the neighborhood and have an infant or toddler, your contribution to the school now will ensure that P.S. 9 will maintain its excellence and can grow to accommodate the current Prospect Heights baby boom.

It’s Tax-Deductible

The P.S 9 PTO is a 501(c)3 organization. Donations are tax-deductible and eligible for corporate matching funds.

How You Can Grow With Us

Learn About P.S. 9

Browse through this website to find out about the school in much more detail. To get new posts about school events and news sent to your email inbox, just sign up for PS 9 News by typing your email into the box at the bottom of our homepage. (Don’t forget to look for a confirmation email!)

Sign Up for a Tour

Come meet our dynamic principal and see our new playground, state-of-the-art library, outdoor classroom and more. Sign up online here.

Donate to the P.S. 9 PTO 

To donate money, visit or send a check to P.S. 9 PTO, 80 Underhill Ave, Room 132-A, Brooklyn, NY 11238. Donations are fully tax-deductible.  We also encourage local businesses and corporations to donate funds, sponsor events or donate goods and services to P.S. 9. For more information, email the PTO at

Volunteer at P.S. 9

We need classroom and office support as well as people to help supervise in the lunchroom and at recess. To volunteer your services, contact the PTO at

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