Like you, we want the very best for our kids — especially when it comes to their education. Every day that they walk through the doors of their school, we expect them to be happy and healthy, challenged and engaged. We want P.S. 9 to help make this phase of our children’s lives wonderful, and we want it to lay the groundwork for an even more extraordinary future — just as you do.

We’re pleased to say that generous donations from P.S. 9 families and friends in recent years have contributed enormously to our school’s drive to meet this standard!  Take a look at a few current examples of your support in action at P.S. 9:

  • Visual and performing arts programs such as Studio in the School, Marquis Studios and ballroom dancing
  • Movement programs like Playworks, which supports early drop-off and fosters cooperative play activities throughout the school day
  • Enhanced classroom libraries, plus other essential materials that go directly to our kids’ classrooms
  • More project-based learning in science and technology, including garden education, science field study and a pilot year for OMNiLEARN science instruction!

But we’re not satisfied!  We have an obligation to our kids not just to maintain the P.S. 9 that exists today, but to constantly push it to be as great as possible.  Here’s just a glimpse of our vision of what the PTO can provide to the P.S. 9 of tomorrow:

  • Expansion to all grades, on a recurrent basis, of cutting edge academic modules (such as OMNiLEARN) presently in limited application within the school
  • Practical and aesthetic improvements to both the interior and the exterior of the P.S. 9 facility
  • Funding for continued professional development, as well as for the hiring of additional staff
  • Sponsorship of an upgraded P.S. 9 athletics program

The reality:  Neither the P.S. 9 we have, nor the P.S. 9 we aspire to, is free. And without your support, we can’t preserve the great school we already know or reach the fantastic place we all hope to go. So please join us in our 2016 PTO Fall Fundraising Drive!  Every donation, regardless of size, truly makes a difference! Please see reverse side for details on how to donate.

Let’s give our kids the P.S. 9 they deserve!

Please help us meet our goal of $150,000 by using the following sliding scale as a general guide. No gift is too small—every contribution helps!

If your household income is…

  • Up to $40,000, consider giving up to $120 or $10/month
  • $40,000 – $70,000, consider giving $240 or $20/month
  • $70,000 – $100,000, consider giving $600 or $50/month
  • $100,000 – $120,000, consider giving $900 or $75/month
  • $120,000 – $150,000, consider giving $1,200 or $100/month
  • $150,000 – $200,000, consider giving $2,000 or $167/month
  • Over $200,000, consider giving $3,000 or $250/month

It may be possible to double your donation through a corporate gift matching program! P.S. 9’s PTO is a a 501c(3) organization. Ask your Human Resources (HR) department for details! 




Make it out to “P.S. 9 PTO” and use the attached envelope.  You can:

  • Drop it in PTO box in main office
  • Give it to any PTO officer
  • Mail it with your regular mail


Send a check through your bank’s online system. Most banks even allow you to set up monthly recurring donations.  Use “P.S. 9 PTO” as the payee, and the address is 80 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11238.

You can also donate online by clicking the Donate tab on (Please be aware that the PTO pays a 3% fee.)

Donate Online Using PayPal:

Do you prefer to use your PayPal account? Then use this button to donate. Please note that if your company offers a matching program, you will have to get the paperwork and send it in yourself if you use PayPal. (And we definitely need those matching donations!) With NY Charities (the link above) they help you with the corporate matching programs, as well as offering the option of automatic monthly donations.


Cash Donations:

We happily accept cash, too!  See a PTO Officer and he or she will give you the appropriate receipt.

PTO Officers for 2016-17: Krystal Linton, Jesse Hendrich, Jonathan Westin, Radhika Ramamurthy, Warren Coleman, Ashley Salmon-Wander, Sakura Amend, Krista Olson, Vivian Epstein, Kimesha Coke, Irene Schneeweis, Carolyn Cryer, and Eleni Delimpaltadaki Janis.

Cash Back with Amazon Shopping:

If you shop at, use this link every time you shop: Add it to your bookmarks or favorites bar, and share it with your friends and family! The PTO will get 4% of your purchase in cash back. (Note: You must use our link to access Amazon *at the time of your purchase* in order for the PTO to get the funds. For example, if you place items in your cart using our link, but purchase them later without going through the PS 9 link before you check out, the school will not get the cash back.) In 2013-14, the PTO raised over $1,000 through Amazon purchases!

Cash Back with GoodShop and GoodSearch:

Go to and sign up as a supporter of P.S. 9. Currently, there are two accounts: one that forwards funds to the school directly, and one that forwards funds to the PTO. Access stores like Children’s Place, Old Navy, Expedia, Land’s End, and more. While you’re there, use their related search function,, to do web searches, and we get a penny a search!

Collect Box Tops:

You can raise money for our school by clipping box tops, through the Box Tops for Education program. P.S. 9 gets 10 cents per box top. It adds up. You can drop your BoxTops in the collection box located on the PTO bulletin board next to the auditorium, or bring them to a PTO meeting!

For a printable list of all the brands that participate, click here. Please check it out. Even if you don’t buy breakfast cereal, you may buy
granola bars, trash bags, flushable wipes or Brita filters.