Help improve street safety around PS9 by taking this quick survey!

Take 5 minutes to help the PTO understand traffic and street safety issues with this new survey.

Whether you arrive by foot, car, bike, or bus, the PTO Transportation Committee wants to understand your experience with street safety during drop off at PS9. This new survey takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and will help track street safety conditions around the school and identify areas for potential improvement.

The Transportation Committee’s goal is to work with school administration, parents and guardians, neighbors, the city, and other stakeholders to make our streets safer. The Committee plans to administer this survey regularly to understand the changing conditions on the surrounding streets and the needs and interests of parents and caregivers who are dropping off and picking up children.

Fill out the quick survey here!

You can contact Christophe Hille for more information about the survey and the Transportation Committee.