Pre-K Pre-Registration for Fall 2017

Deadline to Accept Pre-K Round 1 Offer is May 9th!

Round 1 offers are available now. If you applied online, log into your account to check your offer. If you applied in person or over the phone, look for your letter in the mail. You can also call 718-935-2009.


To accept your offer at PS9, pre-register in person with your child and the required documents by Tuesday, May 9. Registration begins Monday, April 24th, 8:45a.m. – 12:45p.m. daily. No appointment necessary.


If you want to explore other choices, you can apply in Round 2. Also, if we are unable to make your child an offer to your first choice pre-K program, we will automatically place your child on the waitlist for any programs that you listed higher on your application than the program where you received your offer.


Apply to Pre-K Round 2 by May 9th

If your child was born in 2013 and you live in New York City, apply now one of three ways:

Round 2 includes new pre-K programs and programs that still have available seats–check back often for new programs. Remember–Round 2 is not first-come, first-served.


If you have questions, contact our Community Associate, Carol Sheldrake Hernandez at 718.638.3260 X1302, or our Parent Coordinator Charmaine Derrell-Jacob at 347.563.5324 or email



Visit the DOE’s Pre-K page at: