As part of our ongoing effort to enhance your understanding of how your generous donations to the P.S. 9 PTO are spent, we’re pleased to write today regarding Studio in a School, a renowned visual arts education organization that, starting this month, will be working on an extended basis with P.S. 9’s youngest students!   

Once a week for the next ten weeks, a Studio in a School instructor who is a professional artist will lead sessions focused on the exploration of collage, wood construction, paint and clay with every pre-K and Kindergarten class.  During these sessions, the children will be taught to observe the world closely, describe what they see, and reflect on what they create.  They will be challenged to engage, focus, persist and take chances, all while working with various art tools, including their hands, and increasing their fine motor skills.  And they will learn to solve concrete problems such as how to combine simple shapes to represent an animal, as well as develop a firmer grasp of fundamental principles like cause and effect when mixing colors or balancing wood as they build sculptures.   

And because the Studio in a School instruction model calls for a close partnership between the Studio artist and classroom teacher, who will be present at each session, the childrenstudio-in-a-school will benefit from a program tailored to support their everyday academic curriculum!

The Studio in a School program at P.S. 9 is just one example of how money raised by the PTO is used. If you haven’t already, we ask that you please consider making a donation to our annual Fall Fundraiser ( our-families/ps-9-pto/donate/).

Every donation, regardless of size, truly makes a difference!