PS 9 Teachers Ask, You Choose!

PS 9 Teachers Ask, You Choose!

In 2014, our resourceful PS 9 teachers inspired more than $20,000 in donations from the PS 9 community, our extended friends and family, and supporters from across the country.


How did they do it?  By creating imaginative projects on to ask for your help in fulfilling classroom needs, so that our kids can excel.


These projects supplied our PS 9 students with Spanish books, yoga mats, iPads, art supplies, STEM kits, math manipulatives, a rock “detective kit” — and everything in between!


Let’s continue the giving in 2015!  PS 9 teachers currently have a number of projects posted that will benefit children all across our diverse student body.


Many projects need less than $300 to be completed!






To see the current projects, go to


All donations are made through, and are tax-deductible.  As projects are completed, DonorsChoose purchases the items the teacher requested, and delivers them straight to the classroom!

Please support our teachers!


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