PS 9 Whole Child Network: Team Update

images from whole child network presentationP.S. 9’s Whole Child Network Team Presents at ASCD’s Annual Conference

From March 14-17, 2014, P.S. 9’s Whole Child Network (WCN) team attended ASCD’s Annual Conference ( in Los Angeles California. The WCN team representing the school at this national, educational conference included Principal D’Avilar, Assistant Principal Smith, fifth grade teacher Ms. Darress, kindergarten teacher Ms. Henriquez, and third grade parent Kirsten Cole. P.S. 9’s team spent a full day before the conference attending an intensive institute with other WCN schools. On Sunday, March 16 the P.S. 9 team presented at the Annual Conference for a roundtable session where each WCN school documented their journey through the WCN process. P.S. 9’s conference presentation can be viewed here:

In 2012 P.S. 9 was selected as one of ten pilot schools throughout the United States to participate in a three-year school improvement process that fosters schools’ capacities to educate the whole child. WCN schools use ACSD’s evaluation instruments and planning  tools to address the WCN tenets, supporting each child to enter school feeling HEALTHY, SAFE, ENGAGED, SUPPORTED, and CHALLENGED. For more background on P.S. 9’s participation in the Whole Child Network see this previous update:

The 2014/15 school year will be P.S. 9’s final year in this three year process. Throughout the school’s participation in the Whole Child Network we have focused on building capacity
across the school community – among students, staff, and families – with a particular focus on supporting children’s health and safety, and to insuring that our students are challenged by our approach to teaching and learning. During this final year we will focus our efforts on staff health and wellness. Our aim throughout this process has been to build capacity school-wide in the interest of sustainability. Stay tuned for more updates on this vital process!
[P.S. 9’s WCN logo was designed by P.S. 9 parent Gerardo Blumenkrantz]

[Images provided in P.S. 9’s conference presentation were provided by school staff and families.]